Some VIVO Things

A site for things about VIVO -- tools, data, visualizations, and a blog. There's a bunch of things being created to manage VIVO data -- load, clean, discover. And a bunch to visualize organizations, publications, expertise, and more.

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Data In

We're creating a variety of easy to use tools to load data into VIVO, improve self-edit of data, and inspect data in VIVO. The VIVO Triple Inspector shows exactly what VIVO stores for each entity.

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Information Out

Visualizations, reports, explorers, expertise finders, biosketches. Development is under way to create accessible tools for use by those interested in understanding more about scholarly activity.

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General and specific musings on the ecosystem, community, software, tools, identifiers, data and data sharing, use cases, data reuse, ontology, and whatever else comes to mind.

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